Rodolphe is a French independent filmmaker currently residing in Ireland.  When growing  up, video cameras were always around the house to record precious family memories – they could never have enough films!

It wasn’t until Rodolphe was at University that he discovered the processing of analog format and its use for his filming style.  He arrived on the wedding scene at a time where wedding videos had reached a limit point, and long wedding videos were becoming a thing of the past.  After gaining experience, Rodolphe established himself as an International Wedding Filmmaker filming weddings all over the world.  Today, he is among only a handful international wedding filmmakers who still use film cameras.

Rodolphe’s approach is minimalist above all else; a melange of documentary and visual art.  He uses a Super8 camera and a digital camera to produce his films, and his work primarily focuses on the subject’s character and expressions.  His wedding films reflect an edgy and creative approach as well as an ability to portray the dynamism, energy and fun of a wedding celebration.  He tries to experiment all the time, and is always looking to talk to clients about fun new ideas.

Limited engagements per year.