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I met Sarah for the first time in Siobhan’s Hair Salon on the morning of the Wedding. She arrived on time with the gang (mother and sisters). She was very calm and laid-back for a bride-to-be, enjoying every moment of the morning. The rest of the preparation was done at their lovely family home in Dungarvan.Although the weather wasn’t the best photographer, Shane O’Neill, got lucky at Cheekpoint as the sun set slowly to create a lovely mood and atmosphere for the photoshoot. The reception was held at the distinguished Faithlegg House Hotel where guests enjoyed a champagne reception. It was a pleasure to film for Peter and Sarah who were very relaxed and natural on the day….. lots of smiles and laughter to capture.

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  • WOW!A very happy bride and groom here!The video is fantastic.Great shots, it really captures the magic and atmosphere of the day.Thanks so much, we didn’t even realise that you were there!
    Sarah & Peter

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