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A Year in Review

I spent New Year’s Eve  reliving all the good moments I had last year, going through some of my 8mm footage it took me back in time. Here is a short clip of my year in 8mm.  Music by The wedding Present “take me”.

We can go dancing

It was on a rare sunny day this Summer when Paul and Annemarie tied the knot in Co. Tipperary. Annemarie got ready in her parents house in Clonmel while Paul spent his last night as a single man in Raheen House. While friends and family enjoyed the reception at Raheen House, I had the pleasure of accompanying the bride and groom, along with photographer, Shane O’Neill on a scenic photoshoot in the hills surrounding Clonmel. These days many couples think that it’s not important to have “The wedding car”…..and maybe it isn’t but when you pick the right one it can bring so much visually to your film or stills. Check the polaroid from Aspect Photography.

Une Fille et Un Garçon

Last June I packed my two cameras to fly to France for Clem and Michelle’s wedding. A nice little short trip in my home country. I won’t tell you how pretty the setting was in chateau rigaud or how tasty the food was as this short clip depicts it all but I will tell you I had a great time filming friends and family enjoying this special day in Michelle and Clem’s life. It was a pleasure to work with Anna, the Wedding co-ordinator at the chateau and the photographer Melissa who captured the day with her unique vision.

Time In Lough Rynn Castle

When I met Craig and Caitriona for the first time, they mentioned that they would like to have a time-lapse done at their wedding. I managed to take 2000 photos that evening including images of Fast Food, First Dance and Chinese Lanterns. Their Wedding took place at Lough Rynn Castle, a great backdrop for the chinese lanterns.

press the HD button for better quality.

Yeah we’re So happy.

I was delighted to be part of Paul and Vicky’s big celebration.They didn’t meet in Liverpool, neither did they have their first kiss to a Joy division song but they beamed with happiness on their Wedding day making it was a joy to film. There was much to be filmed between the 10 girls getting ready in the Hotel room and the boys next door having a party. It couldn’t have been more crazy!
Enjoy this short clip.
Congratulations to Paul and Vicky.

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