Behind the scenes at Bantry House

2 months ago I filmed a short clip called teatime for Pearl and Godiva specialist in vintage china hire. I got a great response and I m glad you liked it. Many of you had questions about how the shooting went ….this is why I decided to share this clip ” behind the scenes” on the blog. It shows a team of people working together on the set
to make sure everything goes according to plan.
I was going to use this classical piece of music for the original clip but in the end I changed my mind and went for “starcrossed” from Drugstore. I think this classical piece works well to captures the setting and ambiance of the shoot at Bantry House.

[vimeo clip_id=”19250781″ width=”640″]

You can see on the footage, the makeup artist Kate who did an amazing job , Shane O’Neill the photographer who took some stunning polaroids. The models are Julie, Ronan, Maedhbh and Hailey from lockdown agency, and Pearl who organised the “Party”.
Enjoy the clip!

Posted in behind the scenes on the 15th Mar 11

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