Welcome to the online portfolio and blog of Rodolphe, an independent filmmaker with an addiction for out-of-the-ordinary pictures.

Best Day Productions was formed by Rodolphe, a French filmmaker based in Ireland.

Born in the seventies, he grew up listening to the Smiths while his film influences were Godard and Truffaut.

Rodolphe considers himself very lucky to be able to work in an industry which he is hugely passionate about.

Filming in HDSLR, his work can be described as a mélange of documentary genre and visual art. His films reflect an edgy creative approach and ability to portray the dynamism, energy and fun of a wedding celebration.

His latest project is crafting timeless motion pictures in vintage Super 8mm.

The nostalgic look of 8mm format is perfect for capturing the retro and artful feel of your wedding day.

Furthermore, Rodolphe has now broadened his portfolio to include filming weddings and events worldwide. He welcomes the opportunity to film in varied environments and embrace different cultures.

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